The following documents are available:

Measurement procedures:

Anemometer Calibration Procedure – Version 3, December 2020 (PDF format 977 kbytes)
Power Performance Measurement Procedure – Version 5 , December 2009 (PDF format 977 kbytes)
Electrical Characteristics Measurement Procedure – Version 1, June 2019 (PDF format 643 kbytes)
Acoustic Noise Measurement Procedure – Version 3, November 2011 (PDF format 29 kbytes)
Evaluation of Site-specific Wind Conditions – Version 3, September 2022 (PDF format, 1,2 MB)
Evaluation of Site specific Wind conditions in Japanese – Version 1, November 2009 (PDF format 517 kbytes)


MEASNET statements:

• Procedure for Acceptance of Medium-Voltage Transducers – Version 1, April 2024 (PDF format, 535 kb)
Calculation of specific site AEP – September 2014 (PDF format 295 kbytes)
Shortcoming of AEP calculation as defined in IEC 61400-12-1 – September 2014 (PDF format 172 kbytes)
New statement about anemometer calibration – October 2012 (PDF format 100 kbytes)
Statement about anemometer calibration – September 2009 (PDF format 58 kbytes)
Calibration Procedure for Transducers – April 2019 (PDF format 619 kbytes)
Statement influence mounting pipe diameter – June 2019 (PDF format 3.915 kbytes)
Briefing of Inter-laboratory comparison of Site Calibration Analysis – July 2021 (PDF format 522 kbytes)
White Paper on Turbulence Normalization – July 2021 (PDF format 1.002 kbytes)


Becoming a member of MEASNET :

Applicant Assessment Procedure – Version 2 / September 2008 (PDF format, 90 kbytes)


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