Welcome to Measnet

International Network for Harmonised and Recognised Measurements in Wind Energy

MEASNET, International Network of Wind Energy Measurement Institutes, is a non-profit organisation for accredited technical service providers engaged in the field of wind energy. Founded in 1997, its goal is to ensure high quality measurements and a uniform interpretation of standards and recommendations, as well as interchangeability of results.

Since 2015, MEASNET holds an agreement with IECRE to offer and perform Proficiency Tests under the rules of IECRE as a privileged partner.

Furthermore, in 2019, MEASNET signed an A-Liaison with the IEC TC 88 group to promote technology transfer and speed up the process of development and updating of technical guidelines.

All MEASNET members must be accredited by ISO/IEC 17025 for the MEASNET approved measurements.

The members established an organizational structure for MEASNET. They perform mutual and periodical quality assessments for their harmonized measurements and evaluations.

  • • The highest tier is the Council of Members, which decides in all substantial questions.
  • • An Executive Board, composed of three representatives from different members, executes the tasks delegated by the Council of Members.
  • • Several Expert Groups, specialized in certain measurement tasks, advise and support the Executive Board and the Council of Members on the definition of the measurement procedures.
  • Assessment Teams are established to perform assessments for the admission of new members and for the periodical quality confirmations of MEASNET members.