Finished PT’s

Finished Proficiency Tests:

Code Results Due Description Status Results Other Details
20an01* TBC IEC-RE. Competence Area Acoustic Noise. Finished To be published
20ec01* TBC IEC-RE. Competence Area Electrical Characteristics. Finished To be published
20pp01* 18.03.2024 IEC-RE. Competence Area Power Perfomance. Finished 20pp01 public report NEW REPORT! Updated edition with preface and a more comprehensive introduction
20ld01* TBC IEC-RE. Competence Area Loads. Finished To be published
16ac01* 30.11.2018 IEC-RE. Competence Area Anemometer Calibration. Finished 16ac01 IEC-RE report
16ac01 MEASNET ExG Report
16ld01* 30.11.2018 IEC-RE. Competence Area Loads. Finished 16ld01 IEC-RE report
16pp01* 17.10.2019 IEC-RE. Competence Area Power Performance. Finished 16pp01 IEC-RE report
16bt01* 30.11.2018 IEC-RE. Competence Area Blade Testing. Finished 16bt01 IEC-RE report

*Please note that the Proficiency Tests listed above have been performed under the rules of IECRE.


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