We are glad to inform you that finally we have a new date for the Workshop on Remote Sensing and Power Curve measurements: Next 26th of September in Hamburg.

Remote sensing has evolved considerably over the last decade or so. Nowadays, it plays an important role in the wind industry, especially in the fields of wind resource assessment and power performance. The new power performance standard includes the use of remote sensing and is about the be released. For sure this will have a huge impact on the wind industry.
MEASNET has picked up the gauntlet and is actively standardizing methods including unique interpretations of these methods in the fields of remote sensing and power performance in order to offer services of the highest quality. Among others MEASNET founded a new remote sensing expert group for this purpose.

MEASNET initiated this combined workshop on remote sensing and power performance with the following goal:
• To present MEASNET, its goals and its latest results
• To open the discussion on these key topics in order to serve industry needs best

Workshop Schedule

If you are interested in attending the workshop next 26th of September at 10:00 in Hamburg, please send an email before the 9th of September to:

Please note that the workshop does not carry any cost.