Anemometer calibration intercomparison results

During the last year all the laboratories accredited by Measnet for anemometer calibration have performed a proficiency test. In this proficiency test three new candidates that will be part of Measnet in the future have also participated.
A total of seven anemometers have been calibrated in 14 different wind tunnels and the results have been evaluated.
The results show that all the institutions fulfil the Measnet criteria and that the gap between the laboratories is smaller than ever.
Among the currently in use Measnet wind tunnels, at 10 m/s and for the top seller Class I anemometer the maximum deviation to the average value has been 0.03 m/s.
During the last years all the laboratories involved in Measnet have dedicated large efforts to the mission of improving the quality and interchangeability of the measurements. As a result the maximum differences have been reduced to one half of the values that were found in previous exercises.
Nevertheless all the Measnet institutions are continuously improving their methods and facilities in the search for the best quality available in the wind energy industry.