Proficiency Tests

Proficiency testing is becoming more and more important for all laboratories in the world.

Since 1997 MEASNET proficiency test have established the highest quality standards in the wind energy industry.

From this year on any interested parties are welcome to participate in MEASNET Proficiency test to comparing their results with those from the top laboratorios in the world.

The MEASNET Proficiency test will be accepted by IEC RE!

Measnet independency is guaranteed by the fact that the association is composed exclusively by test laboratorios. Also all the members  are accredited under ISO/IEC17025.

Open Proficiency Test:

Code Results Due Description Status Other Details
16ac01 17.05.2017 IEC-RE. Competence Area Anemometer Calibration. Enrolling Now 16ac01 download
16ld01 29.11.2016 IEC-RE. Competence Area Loads. Enrolling Now 16ld01 download
16pp01 07.12.2016 IEC-RE. Competence Area Power Performance. Enrolling Now 16pp01 download

The process to participate in the Measnet Proficiency test is very simple.

Please follow the following steps:

Step 1.- Download the agreement from this link.

Step 2.-Read, sign and scan the signed agreement. Needed only once!

Step 3.- Fulfill and send this register form. Attach the agreement in the corresponding box.

If you have further questions, you need some help or you have some questions please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Secretary of MEASNET.

Mrs. Lucía Poza Aláez.

+34 637 043 237