Open/Ongoing Proficiency Tests

Ongoing Proficiency Tests:

Code Results Due Description Status  Results Other Details
16ac01* 30.11.2018 IEC-RE. Competence Area Anemometer Calibration. Finished  to be published 16ac01 download
16ld01* 30.11.2018 IEC-RE. Competence Area Loads. Finished to be published 16ld01 download
16pp01* to be confirmed IEC-RE. Competence Area Power Performance. Phase 2 about to start  to be published 16pp01 download
16bt01* 30.11.2018 IEC-RE. Competence Area Blade Testing. Finished  to be published 16bt01 download
18ec01* to be confirmed IEC-RE. Competence Area Electrical Components . registration process open soon 18ec01 download
18an01* to be confirmed IEC-RE. Competence Acoustic Noise. registration process open soon 18an01 download

*Please note that the Proficiency Tests listed above are being perform under the rules of IECRE.