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Benefit for the member

Today MEASNET approved measurements are of growing importance in the international wind turbine and wind farm development. The name MEASNET stands for the high quality of measurements more and more required by banks and investors. Results and energy predictions based on such measurements diminish the project risks and therefore improve considerably the financing conditions of the respective wind farm projects. With MEASNET the client has the unique chance to choose the most appropriate service provider out of several institutions without the need to think about the quality of the task.

1 Introduction

The goal of MEASNET is to improve and ensure the quality of measurements relating to wind energy technology carried out by the members in order to allow mutual recognition and interchangeability of results and to achieve uniform interpretation of standards and recommendations.

To become a member of MEASNET it is set up as a requirement to participate in an Applicant Assessment Procedure (AAP), which has the aim to ensure that the applicant fulfils the requirements for Members of MEASNET. Please note the acreditation according IEC/ISO 170025 for each services you are applied to become a MEASNET member.

The cost of each assessment is about €10.000, depending on the expected amount of work. Assessment Plan and Cost Overview have to be communicated to the Applicant and the Applicant has to agree to both in writing.


  • First invoice: After we received the applicant form and necessary documents.
  • Second invoice: After the assesment team is nominated.
  • Third invoice: After the assesment is finished.

*Please note repayment of assessment fees are not possible.

The AAP shall be performed for all measurement tasks for which an Applicant might want to be recognised for.

2 Scope of the Applicant Assessment Procedure

The AAP includes:

  • Check against the latest Laboratory Proficiency Testing performed in MEASNET,
  • Check of a Measurement Report.
  • Visit of the premises of the Applicant, if judged necessary after the check of the measurement report.

The execution of the AAP is under the responsibility of the Coordinator of the respective Expert Group and the process will be checked by the Executive Board appointed for this task by the Council of Members (CoM).

3 Execution
3.1 Preparation
Upon the decision of the MEASNET Executive Board to start the AAP for an Applicant, the Coordinator of the respective Expert group nominates an Assessment Team with a minimum of two and a maximum of four members, which are approved by MEASNET for the respective measurement. If necessary the Assessment Team needs a Leader, which is nominated by the Coordinator. The Executive Board has to approve the nominations.
The Assessment Team Leader has to come up with an Assessment Plan, which can contain all or only some of the actions outlined in chapter 2, and an Assessment Cost overview.

Both have to be approved by the Executive Board.

3.2 Actions and Time Schedule
The Nomination of the Assessment Team has to be done within 1 month after the request from the Executive Board.

After an Assessment Team has been nominated, the Executive Chairman has two weeks time for the approval; otherwise the Assessment Team is approved. The Executive Chairman will inform the Applicant about the Assessment Team and its Leader.

Within less than 1 month later the Assesment Coordinator will send the Assessment Plan to the Applicant. The Assessment Plan contains the necessary actions to be undertaken and the Time Schedule. The Applicant can ask for alterations of the time schedule if desired.
The Applicant has to react within 2 months from the issue of the Assessment plan. In case the Executive Chairman did not receive any reaction within this period the Assessment Procedure will be stopped. The Executive Chairman will report this refusal to the Applicant.

3.3 Resulting actions
The Assessment ends with the report of the Assessment Coordinator to the Council of Members.

  • If the Assessment was successful, the Assessment  Coordinator shall ask the Council of Members for the acceptance of the Applicant for this type of measurement.
  • If the Assessment was not successful, the Assessment  Coordinator  shall ask the Council of Members for the rejection of the Applicant for this type of measurement.

3.4 Distribution
All Assessment reports shall be sent to the Executive Chairman and the Applicant after the Assessment is finished.