We are pleased to inform you today that  we are finally prepared to start the Proficiency Testing on Electrical Characteristics.

·         If you have already registered for the PT, there is nothing new to be done. In the beginning of February a telco will be held among all the type A participants in order to elect the coordinator. We will provide in advance a doodle pool to set the date and the link to connect. However you are invited to check your registration status with the Measnet Secretariat in any moment. 

·         If you are part of a Technical laboratory and have not registered for the PT please be aware that the registration period ends on January 29th  for the technical laboratories wishing to participate as Type A participants as defined in IECRE OD 551-17. This is the last call for these participants.

·         If you are not a part of a Technical Laboratory and want to participate (Type B participants as defined in IECRE OD 551-17) the registration period is open until April 30th, 2021. Do not hesitate to contact the Measnet secretariat to register or get further information.

It is the aim of Measnet and IECRE to have as many participants as possible, and therefore we invite you to distribute this message to any person or institution that may be interested in participating in the Proficiency Test for Electrical Characteristics.